Ghox 4 7


Gene Symbol: Ghox 4 7
Description: homeobox D12
Alias: homeobox protein Hox-D12, Ghox 4.7, Hox D12, chox-4.7, chox-4F, ghox-4.7, homeo box D12, homeobox protein Hox-4.7, homeobox protein Hox-4F
Species: chicken
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Top Publications

  1. Nohno T, Noji S, Koyama E, Ohyama K, Myokai F, Kuroiwa A, et al. Involvement of the Chox-4 chicken homeobox genes in determination of anteroposterior axial polarity during limb development. Cell. 1991;64:1197-205 pubmed
    ..Those results suggest that positional information assigned by a ZPA morphogen is imprinted on cellular memory by expression of the Chox-4 genes to maintain positional signaling along the anteroposterior axis in the limb field. ..
  2. Kamiyama N, Seki R, Yokoyama H, Tamura K. Heterochronically early decline of Hox expression prior to cartilage formation in the avian hindlimb zeugopod. Dev Growth Differ. 2012;54:619-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that temporal change of the Hox code governs diversification in morphology of homologous structures among related species...
  3. Izpisua Belmonte J, Tickle C, Dolle P, Wolpert L, Duboule D. Expression of the homeobox Hox-4 genes and the specification of position in chick wing development. Nature. 1991;350:585-9 pubmed
    ..The mirror-image patterns of Hox-4 gene expression, which are obtained in this way, correlate with the subsequent development of mirror-image patterns of digits. Hox-4 genes probably encode positional information. ..
  4. Mackem S, Mahon K. Ghox 4.7: a chick homeobox gene expressed primarily in limb buds with limb-type differences in expression. Development. 1991;112:791-806 pubmed
    ..In chick, this gene also displays differences in expression between wing and leg buds, raising the possibility that it may participate in specifying limb-type identity. ..
  5. Kataoka K, Yoshitomo Nakagawa K, Shioda S, Nishizawa M. A set of Hox proteins interact with the Maf oncoprotein to inhibit its DNA binding, transactivation, and transforming activities. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:819-26 pubmed
    ..These results suggested that the interaction of a set of Hox proteins with Maf family members may interfere not only with their oncogenicity but also with their physiological roles. ..