Gene Symbol: lec-6
Description: Galectin
Alias: Galectin
Species: Caenorhabditis elegans

Top Publications

  1. Takeuchi T, Hayama K, Hirabayashi J, Kasai K. Caenorhabditis elegans N-glycans containing a Gal-Fuc disaccharide unit linked to the innermost GlcNAc residue are recognized by C. elegans galectin LEC-6. Glycobiology. 2008;18:882-90 pubmed publisher
    We report a detailed structural analysis of the N-glycans of Caenorhabditis elegans recognized by C. elegans galectin LEC-6. Glycoproteins of C. elegans captured by an immobilized LEC-6 affinity adsorbent were isolated...
  2. Takeuchi T, Nishiyama K, Sugiura K, Takahashi M, Yamada A, Kobayashi S, et al. Caenorhabditis elegans galectins LEC-6 and LEC-1 recognize a chemically synthesized Galbeta1-4Fuc disaccharide unit which is present in Protostomia glycoconjugates. Glycobiology. 2009;19:1503-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Eight-amino-acid residues conserved in proteins belonging to the galectin family have been suggested to be responsible for recognition...
  3. Ahmed H, Bianchet M, Amzel L, Hirabayashi J, Kasai K, Giga Hama Y, et al. Novel carbohydrate specificity of the 16-kDa galectin from Caenorhabditis elegans: binding to blood group precursor oligosaccharides (type 1, type 2, Talpha, and Tbeta) and gangliosides. Glycobiology. 2002;12:451-61 pubmed
    ..Here, we report the carbohydrate-binding specificity of the recombinant C. elegans 16-kDa galectin and the structural analysis of its binding site by homology modeling...
  4. Whetstine J, Ceron J, Ladd B, Dufourcq P, Reinke V, Shi Y. Regulation of tissue-specific and extracellular matrix-related genes by a class I histone deacetylase. Mol Cell. 2005;18:483-90 pubmed
    ..Because human HDACs are targets for cancer therapy, these findings have significant implications in cancer treatment. ..
  5. Maduzia L, YU E, Zhang Y. Caenorhabditis elegans galectins LEC-6 and LEC-10 interact with similar glycoconjugates in the intestine. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:4371-81 pubmed publisher
    ..We have investigated the localization of galectin ligands in Caenorhabditis elegans using a novel technology that relies on the high binding specificity between ..
  6. Makyio H, Takeuchi T, Tamura M, Nishiyama K, Takahashi H, Natsugari H, et al. Structural basis of preferential binding of fucose-containing saccharide by the Caenorhabditis elegans galectin LEC-6. Glycobiology. 2013;23:797-805 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the Glu67 in the oligosaccharide-binding site assists the recognition of the fucose moiety by LEC-6...