Gene Symbol: CYTB
Description: cytochrome b
Species: blue catfish

Top Publications

  1. Waldbieser G, Bilodeau A, Nonneman D. Complete sequence and characterization of the channel catfish mitochondrial genome. DNA Seq. 2003;14:265-77 pubmed
    ..Nucleotide sequence comparisons of cytochrome b (Cytb) and cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (COI) demonstrated genetic separation of the genera Ictalurus, Pylodictis and ..
  2. Egge J, Nicholson P, Stark A. Morphological and molecular variation in the least madtom Noturus hildebrandi (Siluriformes: Ictaluridae), a Mississippi Embayment endemic: evidence for a cryptic lineage in the Hatchie River. J Fish Biol. 2015;86:493-526 pubmed publisher
    ..DNA sequence data representing 90 individuals from the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b (cytb) analysed using Bayesian phylogenetic methods recovered four major haplotype clades, suggestive of a high degree of ..

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