Gene Symbol: LOC7467329
Description: transcription factor MYB83
Alias: MYB20, transcription factor MYB83, MYB transcription factor
Species: black cottonwood

Top Publications

  1. McCarthy R, Zhong R, Fowler S, Lyskowski D, Piyasena H, Carleton K, et al. The poplar MYB transcription factors, PtrMYB3 and PtrMYB20, are involved in the regulation of secondary wall biosynthesis. Plant Cell Physiol. 2010;51:1084-90 pubmed publisher
    ..We also show that PtrMYB3 and PtrMYB20 are functional orthologs of Arabidopsis MYB46 and MYB83, and their expression is directly activated by poplar PtrWND2, suggesting their involvement in the regulation of wood formation in poplar. ..
  2. Zhong R, McCarthy R, Haghighat M, Ye Z. The poplar MYB master switches bind to the SMRE site and activate the secondary wall biosynthetic program during wood formation. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e69219 pubmed publisher
  3. Zhao Y, Sun J, Xu P, Zhang R, Li L. Intron-mediated alternative splicing of WOOD-ASSOCIATED NAC TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR1B regulates cell wall thickening during fiber development in Populus species. Plant Physiol. 2014;164:765-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Alternative splicing may enable more specific regulation of processes such as fiber cell wall thickening during wood formation...