Gene Symbol: P4p04
Description: int gene product (AA 1-440)
Alias: int gene product (AA 1-440), integrase
Species: Bacteriophage P4

Top Publications

  1. Hagg rd Ljungquist E, Jacobsen E, Rishovd S, Six E, Nilssen O, Sunshine M, et al. Bacteriophage P2: genes involved in baseplate assembly. Virology. 1995;213:109-21 pubmed
    ..P4 mutations that partially compensate for this defect of gene V lie in the P4 capsid size determination gene, sid...
  2. Piazzolla D, Cal S, Spoldi E, Forti F, Sala C, Magnoni F, et al. Expression of phage P4 integrase is regulated negatively by both Int and Vis. J Gen Virol. 2006;87:2423-31 pubmed publisher
    Phage P4 int gene encodes the integrase responsible for phage integration into and excision from the Escherichia coli chromosome...
  3. Halling C, Calendar R, Christie G, Dale E, Deh G, Finkel S, et al. DNA sequence of satellite bacteriophage P4. Nucleic Acids Res. 1990;18:1649 pubmed