Gene Symbol: tcyA
Description: L-cystine-binding protein TcyA
Species: Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168

Top Publications

  1. Rodriguez F, Grandi G. An operon encoding a novel ABC-type transport system in Bacillus subtilis. Microbiology. 1995;141 ( Pt 7):1781-4 pubmed
    ..Comparison of the three proteins with the subunits of other ABC-type systems suggests that this new system is involved in amino acid transport...
  2. Burguière P, Auger S, Hullo M, Danchin A, Martin Verstraete I. Three different systems participate in L-cystine uptake in Bacillus subtilis. J Bacteriol. 2004;186:4875-84 pubmed
    ..The expression of the ytmI operon and the yhcL gene was regulated in response to sulfur availability, while the level of expression of the yckK gene remained low under all the conditions tested...

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