Gene Symbol: pspA
Description: phage shock protein A homolog
Species: Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168

Top Publications

  1. Graumann P, Schroder K, Schmid R, Marahiel M. Cold shock stress-induced proteins in Bacillus subtilis. J Bacteriol. 1996;178:4611-9 pubmed
  2. Kasahara Y, Nakai S, Ogasawara N, Yata K, Sadaie Y. Sequence analysis of the groESL-cotA region of the Bacillus subtilis genome, containing the restriction/modification system genes. DNA Res. 1997;4:335-9 pubmed
    ..The unusual genome structure of few ORFs and lower GC content around the restriction/modification genes strongly suggests that the region originated from a bacteriophage integrated during evolution. ..

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