Zhiming Zhang



  1. Sun L, Hu X, Chen W, He W, Zhang Z, Wang T. Sorting nexin 27 interacts with Fzd7 and mediates Wnt signalling. Biosci Rep. 2016;36:e00296 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggested that SNX27 interacts with Frizzled receptors to regulate the endocytosis and stability of Fzds, and consequently mediates canonical Wnt signalling. ..
  2. Wu Q, Zheng Y, Chen D, Li X, Lu C, Zhang Z. Aberrant expression of decoy receptor 3 in human breast cancer: relevance to lymphangiogenesis. J Surg Res. 2014;188:459-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on these findings, it is important to further explore the regulation of lymphangiogenesis operated by the reverse tumor necrosis factor signaling of DcR3. ..
  3. Chen S, Wang H, Li Z, You J, Wu Q, Zhao C, et al. Interaction of WBP2 with ERα increases doxorubicin resistance of breast cancer cells by modulating MDR1 transcription. Br J Cancer. 2018;:182-192 pubmed publisher
    ..Our finding provides a new mechanism for the chemotherapy response of ERα-positive breast tumours, and WBP2 might be a key molecule for developing new therapeutic strategies to treat chemoresistance in breast cancer patients. ..
  4. Chen S, Zhang Y, Wang H, Zeng Y, Li Z, Li M, et al. WW domain-binding protein 2 acts as an oncogene by modulating the activity of the glycolytic enzyme ENO1 in glioma. Cell Death Dis. 2018;9:347 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these results reveal that WBP2 plays a vital role in the occurrence and development of glioma, indicating a target gene for glioblastoma treatment. ..
  5. Chen S, Wang H, Huang Y, Li M, Cheng J, Hu P, et al. WW domain-binding protein 2: an adaptor protein closely linked to the development of breast cancer. Mol Cancer. 2017;16:128 pubmed publisher
    ..This review interprets the relationship between WBP2 and breast cancer, and provides comprehensive views about the function of WBP2 in the regulation of the pathogenesis of breast cancer and endocrine therapy in breast cancer treatment. ..