Lei Zhang



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    ..Together, our results demonstrate that transcriptional repression of Ed followed by Smurf-mediated downregulation of pretranslated Ed in amnioserosa regulates the establishment of a taut leading edge during dorsal closure. ..
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    ..These findings reveal critical insights into the role of the TEAD4-VGLL4-CtBP2 transcriptional repressor complex in suppression of adipogenesis in murine preadipocytes. ..
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    ..Here we provide an overview of its roles in regulating stem cells in epithelial tissues and its potential implications in related cancers. ..
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    ..These findings suggest that disruption of YAP-TEADs interaction by a VGLL4-mimicking peptide may be a promising therapeutic strategy against YAP-driven human cancers. ..
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    ..Taken together, our results uncover a dual role of CK2; although its major role is promoting cell survive, it may potentially be a growth inhibitor as well. ..
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    ..Moreover, we find that Lig physically interacts with and requires Salvador to restrict cell growth. Taken together, we demonstrate that Lig functions as a critical growth suppressor to control organ size via ban and Hippo signaling. ..
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    ..Taken together, we identified a potential nuclear localization signal at the N-terminal end of Yorkie as well as a critical role for Importin α1 in Yorkie nuclear import. ..
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    ..Repressing Notch signaling largely rescues dedifferentiation in nerfin-1 mutant clones. Thus, we conclude that Nerfin-1 represses Notch activity in medulla neurons and prevents them from dedifferentiation. ..