Wan Xi Yang



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    ..This review summarizes the novel roles of kinesins in MAPK cascade and tries to discuss the mechanism of the interaction between them using mammalian and plant cells as models. ..
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    ..Here, we summarize KIF4 functions in normal cells and in various cancers, and provide an overview on the association between KIF4 disorders and disease progression. ..
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    ..Thereby, we presented a complex regulatory network involving these three genes, which might be crucial for proliferation and differentiation of inner ear hair cells. ..
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    ..We evaluate the outcomes of current studies in the field and suggest future research directions. ..
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    ..This article systematically introduces the basic knowledge of the HPG axis and provides information of the current advances relating to reproductive hormones. ..
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    ..clarkii. In addition, it might possess a more profound role in mediating mitochondrial ubiquitination. For the first time this study uncovers the role of PHB in the spermiogenesis of macrura crustacean species. ..
  8. Hu J, Liu M, Hou C, She Z, Wang D, Hao S, et al. Gene expression pattern of KIFC3 during spermatogenesis of the skink Eumeces chinensis. Gene. 2015;556:206-12 pubmed publisher
    ..From the results of in situ hybridization and previous researches, we speculated that ec-KIFC3 may play a role in nuclear morphogenesis and acrosome formation during spermiogenesis of E. chinensis. ..
  9. Wei Y, Yang W. The acroframosome-acroplaxome-manchette axis may function in sperm head shaping and male fertility. Gene. 2018;660:28-40 pubmed publisher
    ..The hypothesis of the acroframosome-acroplaxome-manchette (AAM) cytoskeletal system is likely to be the axis of head-to-tail spermiogenesis. ..

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    ..This is the first time that the relationship between mitochondria and prohibitin in different stages of the sperm cells in Cynops orientalis has been examined, which also revealed that Sertoli cells have abundant prohibitins. ..
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    ..We also show that male germ granules are seen to have a close relationship with a considerable number of mRNAs and small RNAs. Those special structures may also participate in sperm development. ..
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    ..Furthermore, we have also introduced some new-found but unconfirmed kinesins which may have a relationship with chromosomes or the cell cycle. ..
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    ..We believe that SOX family proteins may be used as prognostic markers for human clinical therapy, and novel therapy strategies targeting SOX factors should be explored in future clinical applications. ..
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    ..We also briefly summarize the dedicate balances between male and female sex-determining genes in mammalian sex development, with particular highlights on the molecular actions of Sry and Sox9 transcription factors. ..
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    ..In this way we demonstrate that KIF3b functions importantly in mitosis and may be essential to seminoma cell division and proliferation as well as being necessary for normal cell division. ..
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    ..We conclude that PHB is indispensable in the spermatogenesis of the swimming crab Charybdis japonica through different testis developmental stages. ..
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    ..The above results provide a preliminary illustration of the essential roles of KIFC1 and myosin Va in the spermiogenesis of the swimming crab P. trituberculatus. ..