Jing Yuan Xu



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    ..The biological features of mixed-ligand copper(ii) Schiff base complexes and how acetic auxiliary ligands manipulate these features are also discussed. ..
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    ..The mechanistic studies revealed that four complexes, which induced early apoptosis, were involved in reactive oxygen species generation and DNA cleavage for their antitumor activities. ..
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    ..In vivo, Eto-Pt(IV) displayed potent antitumor activity and no observable toxicity in BALB/c nude mice bearing MCF-7 tumors. ..
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    ..By means of ICP-MS assay, we found complex 1 could largely accumulate in tumor cells in a short time. Additionally, complex 1 showed no cross resistance against the cisplatin-resistant cells. ..
  5. Tian H, Qiao X, Zhang Z, Xie C, Li Q, Xu J. A high performance 2-hydroxynaphthalene Schiff base fluorescent chemosensor for Al3+ and its applications in imaging of living cells and zebrafish in vivo. Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol Spectrosc. 2019;207:31-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, we also applied H3L for in vivo detection of Al3+ ions in living zebrafish larvae. ..
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    ..The chlorambucil moiety not only greatly assisted the passive diffusion of CLB-Pt-CLB into cells, but also produced the synergism with cisplatin in targeting DNA. ..
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    ..It is confirmed that HL1 could be used to detect Al3+ ions in real sample by fluorescence spectrometry and Al3+ ions in cells by bioimaging. ..