Mark R Wick



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    ..Those developments served as the underpinnings for an eventual marriage of microscopy, chemistry, immunology, and molecular biology, as realized in the current practice of anatomical pathology. ..
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    ..The histologic features of non-vasculitic, potentially-ANCA-associated pulmonary lesions are reviewed briefly as well. ..
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    ..Acute eosinophilic pneumonia is another lung disease that has an association with smoking, and its clinicopathologic features are considered here as well. ..
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    ..This diagnostic scenario continues to require the procurement of a detailed clinical history regarding the number and duration of skin lesions in any given case. ..
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    ..Integrated analysis of histologic, immunohistochemical, genotypic, and in situ hybridization data is necessary to separate these entities from one another. ..
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    ..Juan Rosai. This brief review summarizes his influence on clinical electron microscopy, and lists some of the lesions for which that procedure is still a useful means of analysis. ..
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    ..The clinical and pathological features of those tumors are considered. ..
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    ..Exemplary disorders with those patterns include drug eruptions, chronic idiopathic urticaria, urticarial vasculitis, granuloma faciale, and Schnitzler syndrome (chronic urticarial with a monoclonal gammopathy). ..

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  1. Wick M. Psoriasiform dermatitides: A brief review. Semin Diagn Pathol. 2017;34:220-225 pubmed publisher
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    ..Erythema induratum and infectious panniculitis are vasculitic and lobulocentric conditions. This article reviews the histological features of these diseases. ..
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    ..An interpretative distinction between malignant lymphoma and IgG4LAD is also crucial. ..
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    ..Differential diagnostic observations are emphasized in reference to those lesions. ..
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    ..These will likely be the key to identifying malignant lesions of low surgical stage that ultimately prove fatal through later manifestation of metastasis. ..
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    ..This review considers current concepts pertaining to that tumor, including those concerning epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, histologic findings, adjunctive diagnostic studies, and prognosis. ..
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    ..Two potential simulants of angiosarcoma-papillary intravascular endothelial hyperplasia and cutaneous rudimentary meningocele-meningothelial hamartoma-are also considered. ..
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    ..This review considers the clinical and histological features of all of these diseases. ..