E Warcoin



  1. Nicolle P, Liang H, Reboussin E, Rabut G, Warcoin E, Brignole Baudouin F, et al. Proinflammatory Markers, Chemokines, and Enkephalin in Patients Suffering from Dry Eye Disease. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate that proinflammatory molecules and endogenous enkephalin have opposite gene regulation during DED. ..
  2. Warcoin E, Clouzeau C, Brignole Baudouin F, Baudouin C. [Hyperosmolarity: Intracellular effects and implication in dry eye disease]. J Fr Ophtalmol. 2016;39:641-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Indeed, these data allow to understand a part of the pathophysiology of the disease, and specially the links between tear hyperosmolarity and inflammation of the ocular surface, the second key of the pathology phenomenon. ..