Junjun Wang



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    ..In summary, oat bran treatment for 28 day did not affect dietary nutrient digestibility, but promoted the growth of cellulolytic bacteria and ameliorated inflammatory reactions in the hindgut of growing pigs. ..
  3. Zhu Y, Li T, Huang S, Wang W, Dai Z, Feng C, et al. Maternal L-glutamine supplementation during late gestation alleviates intrauterine growth restriction-induced intestinal dysfunction in piglets. Amino Acids. 2018;50:1289-1299 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest the possibility of maternal glutamine supplementation in the prevention and treatment of IUGR in animal production and human medicine. ..
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    ..These results provide new information about biological characteristics of IUGR-affected intestinal dysfunction and can lead to the development of potentially solution for preventing and treating IUGR in the future. ..
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    ..Collectively, these findings provide the first evidence for altered proteomes in the small intestine of IUGR fetuses, thereby predisposing the gut to metabolic defects during gestation and neonatal periods. ..
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    ..Elucidation of the mechanism of these miRNAs on the regulation of host-AIV interaction will lead to the development of new control strategies to prevent or treat AIV infections in poultry. ..