Alexander van Oudenaarden



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    ..In this Review, we discuss transcriptome-based lineage trajectory prediction algorithms, single-cell genetic lineage tracing, and the promising combination of these techniques for stem cell and cancer research. ..
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    ..Altogether, we uncover the complexity and cell-to-cell heterogeneity of transcriptional and epigenetic remodeling in female human germ cells. ..
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    ..This strategy can be used to discover new niches or preferential interactions in a variety of organs. ..
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    ..Our results provide a starting point for understanding gene regulation by bifunctional transcription factors during mammalian development. ..
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    ..We hope that StemID will accelerate the search for novel stem cells by providing concrete markers for biological follow-up and validation. ..
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    ..We envision broad applicability of RNA tomography as an accurate and sensitive approach for spatially resolved transcriptomics in whole embryos and dissected organs. ..
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    ..We hope that these guidelines will enable a growing number of researchers to leverage the power of single-cell sequencing. ..
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    ..This resource will be useful for developing a deeper understanding of pancreatic biology and pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus. ..