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A Van der Linden



  1. Hamaide J, De Groof G, Van Ruijssevelt L, Lukacova K, Van Audekerke J, Verhoye M, et al. Volumetric development of the zebra finch brain throughout the first 200 days of post-hatch life traced by in vivo MRI. Neuroimage. 2018;183:227-238 pubmed publisher
    ..In sum, our data point to clear heterochronous patterns of brain development similar to brain development in mammalian species and this work can serve as a reference for future neurodevelopmental imaging studies in zebra finches. ..
  2. Van der Linden A, Balthazart J. Rapid changes in auditory processing in songbirds following acute aromatase inhibition as assessed by fMRI. Horm Behav. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..This approach can also be combined with more localized invasive methods to investigate the mechanisms underlying the observed neural changes. ..
  3. Shah D, Latif Hernandez A, De Strooper B, Saito T, Saido T, Verhoye M, et al. Spatial reversal learning defect coincides with hypersynchronous telencephalic BOLD functional connectivity in APPNL-F/NL-F knock-in mice. Sci Rep. 2018;8:6264 pubmed publisher
    ..The occurrence of these defects in APPNL-F/NL-F mice demonstrates that cognitive flexibility and synchronicity of telencephalic activity are specifically altered by early Aβ pathology without changes in APP neurochemistry. ..
  4. Hamaide J, Lukacova K, Van Audekerke J, Verhoye M, Kubikova L, Van der Linden A. Neuroplasticity in the cerebello-thalamo-basal ganglia pathway: A longitudinal in vivo MRI study in male songbirds. Neuroimage. 2018;181:190-202 pubmed publisher
  5. Missault S, Anckaerts C, Blockx I, Deleye S, Van Dam D, Barriche N, et al. Neuroimaging of subacute brain inflammation and microstructural changes predicts long-term functional outcome after experimental traumatic brain injury. J Neurotrauma. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..54-1.00). Taken together, both TSPO PET and DTI seem promising prognostic biomarkers to predict different chronic TBI sequelae. ..
  6. Hamaide J, De Groof G, Van der Linden A. Neuroplasticity and MRI: A perfect match. Neuroimage. 2016;131:13-28 pubmed publisher
  7. Guglielmetti C, Veraart J, Roelant E, Mai Z, Daans J, Van Audekerke J, et al. Diffusion kurtosis imaging probes cortical alterations and white matter pathology following cuprizone induced demyelination and spontaneous remyelination. Neuroimage. 2016;125:363-377 pubmed publisher
  8. Van Ruijssevelt L, Chen Y, von Eugen K, Hamaide J, De Groof G, Verhoye M, et al. fMRI Reveals a Novel Region for Evaluating Acoustic Information for Mate Choice in a Female Songbird. Curr Biol. 2018;28:711-721.e6 pubmed publisher
    ..These data highlight a potential role for the caudocentral nidopallium (NCC) as a novel node in the avian circuitry underlying the evaluation of acoustic signals and their use in mate choice. ..
  9. Hamaide J, De Groof G, Van Steenkiste G, Jeurissen B, Van Audekerke J, Naeyaert M, et al. Exploring sex differences in the adult zebra finch brain: In vivo diffusion tensor imaging and ex vivo super-resolution track density imaging. Neuroimage. 2017;146:789-803 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, this study paves the way for longitudinal in vivo and high-resolution ex vivo experiments aimed at disentangling neuroplastic events that characterize the critical period for vocal learning in zebra finch ontogeny. ..

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  1. Van Ruijssevelt L, Hamaide J, Van Gurp M, Verhoye M, Van der Linden A. Auditory evoked BOLD responses in awake compared to lightly anaesthetized zebra finches. Sci Rep. 2017;7:13563 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, our results indicate that light anaesthesia has limited effects on selective BOLD responses to natural versus synthetic sounds. ..