Affiliation: Yale University
Country: USA


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    ..These data highlight that an increase in HIF1a levels contributes to abnormal dendritic patterning in developing neurons under normal conditions and hyperactive mTORC1 conditions as in TSC. ..
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    ..Taken together these data suggest that hyperactivity of mTORC1 could lead to the progressive loss of NSCs over time. ..
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    ..Thus, outbred CD1 mice are as appropriate as inbred C57 mice for studying social behavior using either the single or the three-chamber test using a specific acclimation paradigm. ..
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    ..These data demonstrate that altered FLNA expression increases dendritic complexity and contributes to pathologic dendritic patterning in TSC in an mTOR-independent, ERK1/2-dependent manner. ..
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    ..These data show that many aspects of abnormal brain cytoarchitecture can be prevented by manipulating a single intracellular process downstream of mTORC1, cap-dependent translation. ..