Research Topics

Gary D Stormo


Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine
Country: USA


  1. Zuo Z, Stormo G. High-resolution specificity from DNA sequencing highlights alternative modes of Lac repressor binding. Genetics. 2014;198:1329-43 pubmed publisher
    ..A further comparison with known and predicted motifs suggests that the lac repressor may be unique in this ability and that this may contribute to its selection. ..
  2. Chang Y, Zuo Z, Stormo G. Quantitative profiling of BATF family proteins/JUNB/IRF hetero-trimers using Spec-seq. BMC Mol Biol. 2018;19:5 pubmed publisher
    ..The preference for the type of BATF binding site, TRE or CRE, is also altered when IRF proteins bind. These in vitro preferences aid in the understanding of in vivo binding activities. ..
  3. Stormo G, Roy B. DNA Structure Helps Predict Protein Binding. Cell Syst. 2016;3:216-218 pubmed publisher
    ..Incorporating information about DNA structure can increase the reliability of predictions of transcription factor binding sites. ..
  4. Chang Y, Srivastava Y, Hu C, Joyce A, Yang X, Zuo Z, et al. Quantitative profiling of selective Sox/POU pairing on hundreds of sequences in parallel by Coop-seq. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017;45:832-845 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, Coop-seq uncovers a nucleotide switch within the POU half-site when spacing is altered, which is mirrored in genomic loci bound by Sox2/Oct4 complexes. ..
  5. Spivak A, Stormo G. Combinatorial Cis-regulation in Saccharomyces Species. G3 (Bethesda). 2016;6:653-67 pubmed publisher
    ..The results of this research demonstrate that (1) combinatorial cis-regulation can be inferred by multi-genome analysis and (2) combinatorial cis-regulation can explain differences in gene expression between species. ..
  6. Ruan S, Stormo G. Comparison of discriminative motif optimization using matrix and DNA shape-based models. BMC Bioinformatics. 2018;19:86 pubmed publisher