Scott J Hultgren


Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine
Country: USA


  1. Greene S, Pinkner J, Chorell E, Dodson K, Shaffer C, Conover M, et al. Pilicide ec240 disrupts virulence circuits in uropathogenic Escherichia coli. MBio. 2014;5:e02038 pubmed publisher
    ..This study increases our understanding of the regulation of these virulence factors, providing new avenues by which to target their expression. ..
  2. Klein R, Hultgren S. Chaos controlled: discovery of a powerful amyloid inhibitor. Mol Cell. 2015;57:391-3 pubmed publisher
    ..2015) report that the hitherto largely unstudied CsgC protein is responsible for the suppression of premature amyloidogenesis within the cellular periplasm, preventing early aggregation and cellular toxicity. ..
  3. Nagamatsu K, Hannan T, Guest R, Kostakioti M, Hadjifrangiskou M, Binkley J, et al. Dysregulation of Escherichia coli α-hemolysin expression alters the course of acute and persistent urinary tract infection. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015;112:E871-80 pubmed publisher
    ..These results have significant implications for our understanding of how UPEC establishes persistent colonization. ..
  4. Hibbing M, Conover M, Hultgren S. The unexplored relationship between urinary tract infections and the autonomic nervous system. Auton Neurosci. 2016;200:29-34 pubmed publisher
  5. Spaulding C, Dodson K, Chapman M, Hultgren S. Fueling the Fire with Fibers: Bacterial Amyloids Promote Inflammatory Disorders. Cell Host Microbe. 2015;18:1-2 pubmed publisher
    ..2015) report that extracellular DNA is bound tightly by bacterial amyloid fibrils during biofilm formation and that amyloid/DNA composites are immune stimulators when injected into mice, leading to autoimmunity. ..
  6. Jarvis C, Han Z, Kalas V, Klein R, Pinkner J, Ford B, et al. Antivirulence Isoquinolone Mannosides: Optimization of the Biaryl Aglycone for FimH Lectin Binding Affinity and Efficacy in the Treatment of Chronic UTI. ChemMedChem. 2016;11:367-73 pubmed publisher
  7. Conover M, Hadjifrangiskou M, Palermo J, Hibbing M, Dodson K, Hultgren S. Metabolic Requirements of Escherichia coli in Intracellular Bacterial Communities during Urinary Tract Infection Pathogenesis. MBio. 2016;7:e00104-16 pubmed publisher
    ..These results may open the door for the development of treatments to diminish UTI frequency and/or severity. ..
  8. Spaulding C, Hultgren S. Adhesive Pili in UTI Pathogenesis and Drug Development. Pathogens. 2016;5: pubmed publisher
  9. Conover M, Ruer S, Taganna J, Kalas V, De Greve H, Pinkner J, et al. Inflammation-Induced Adhesin-Receptor Interaction Provides a Fitness Advantage to Uropathogenic E. coli during Chronic Infection. Cell Host Microbe. 2016;20:482-492 pubmed publisher
    ..In accordance with its pathogenic profile, vaccination with FmlH significantly protected mice from chronic cystitis. Thus, UPEC employ separate CUP pili to adapt to the rapidly changing niche during bladder infection. ..