Chuan Ming Hao


Affiliation: Vanderbilt University
Country: USA


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    Hao C, Breyer M. Roles of lipid mediators in kidney injury. Semin Nephrol. 2007;27:338-51 pubmed
    ..Those pathways should provide fruitful targets for intervention in the pharmacologic treatment of renal disease. ..
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    Hao C, Breyer M. Physiological regulation of prostaglandins in the kidney. Annu Rev Physiol. 2008;70:357-77 pubmed
    ..COXs, prostanoid synthases, and prostanoid receptors should provide fruitful targets for intervention in the pharmacological treatment of renal disease. ..
  3. Sheng J, Organ E, Hao C, Wells K, Ruley H, Rubin D. Mutations in the IGF-II pathway that confer resistance to lytic reovirus infection. BMC Cell Biol. 2004;5:32 pubmed
    ..Concomitant transformation observed in some virus resistant cells illustrates a potential mechanism of carcinogenesis associated with chronic virus infection. ..
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    Rao R, Zhang M, Zhao M, Cai H, Harris R, Breyer M, et al. Lithium treatment inhibits renal GSK-3 activity and promotes cyclooxygenase 2-dependent polyuria. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2005;288:F642-9 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, these findings temporally link decreased GSK-3 activity to enhanced renal COX2 expression and COX2-derived urine PGE(2) excretion. Suppression of COX2-derived PGE(2) blunts lithium-associated polyuria...