Ellen Kirrane


Affiliation: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Country: USA


  1. Kirrane E, Luben T, Benson A, Owens E, Sacks J, Dutton S, et al. A systematic review of cardiovascular responses associated with ambient black carbon and fine particulate matter. Environ Int. 2019;127:305-316 pubmed publisher
    ..5 are associated with cardiovascular effects but the available evidence is not sufficient to distinguish the effect of BC (or EC) from that of PM2.5 mass. ..
  2. Lassiter M, Owens E, Patel M, Kirrane E, Madden M, Richmond Bryant J, et al. Cross-species coherence in effects and modes of action in support of causality determinations in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Science Assessment for Lead. Toxicology. 2015;330:19-40 pubmed publisher