Research Topics

Glinda S Cooper


Affiliation: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Country: USA


  1. Johns L, Cooper G, Galizia A, Meeker J. Exposure assessment issues in epidemiology studies of phthalates. Environ Int. 2015;85:27-39 pubmed publisher
    ..Careful consideration of the strengths and limitations of this approach when interpreting study results is required. ..
  2. Cooper G, Lunn R, Ã…gerstrand M, Glenn B, Kraft A, Luke A, et al. Study sensitivity: Evaluating the ability to detect effects in systematic reviews of chemical exposures. Environ Int. 2016;92-93:605-10 pubmed publisher
  3. Cooper G, Bynum M, Somers E. Recent insights in the epidemiology of autoimmune diseases: improved prevalence estimates and understanding of clustering of diseases. J Autoimmun. 2009;33:197-207 pubmed publisher
    ..Multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis is one disease pair that appears to have a decreased chance of coexistence. ..
  4. Cooper G, Makris S, Nietert P, Jinot J. Evidence of autoimmune-related effects of trichloroethylene exposure from studies in mice and humans. Environ Health Perspect. 2009;117:696-702 pubmed publisher
    ..Multisite collaborations and studies of preclinical immune markers are needed to further develop this field of research. ..