Francisco Villarreal


Affiliation: University of California
Country: USA


  1. Ramirez Sanchez I, Mansour C, Navarrete Yañez V, Ayala Hernandez M, Guevara G, Castillo C, et al. (-)-Epicatechin induced reversal of endothelial cell aging and improved vascular function: underlying mechanisms. Food Funct. 2018;9:4802-4813 pubmed publisher
    ..These actions may partly explain the epidemiological evidence for the beneficial effects of cocoa consumption on the incidence of cardiac and vascular diseases. ..
  2. Moreno Ulloa A, Méndez Luna D, Beltrán Partida E, Castillo C, Guevara G, Ramirez Sanchez I, et al. The effects of (-)-epicatechin on endothelial cells involve the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER). Pharmacol Res. 2015;100:309-20 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, we provide evidence that suggests the GPER as a potential mediator of (-)-EPI effects and highlights the important role that GPER may have on cardiovascular system protection. ..
  3. Taub P, Ramirez Sanchez I, Patel M, Higginbotham E, Moreno Ulloa A, Román Pintos L, et al. Beneficial effects of dark chocolate on exercise capacity in sedentary subjects: underlying mechanisms. A double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial. Food Funct. 2016;7:3686-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Improvements in maximum work achieved and VO2 max may be due to DC activation of upstream control systems and enhancement of SkM mitochondria efficiency. Larger clinical studies are warranted to confirm these observations. ..
  4. Moreno Ulloa A, Nájera García N, Hernandez M, Ramirez Sanchez I, Taub P, Su Y, et al. A pilot study on clinical pharmacokinetics and preclinical pharmacodynamics of (+)-epicatechin on cardiometabolic endpoints. Food Funct. 2018;9:307-319 pubmed publisher
    ..Using a pre-clinical model, the compound positively modulates metabolism, which may link to mitochondrial effects. Effects are not due to general antioxidant actions, as Cat yielded no effects. ..
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    Villarreal F, Omens J, Dillmann W, Risteli J, Nguyen J, Covell J. Early degradation and serum appearance of type I collagen fragments after myocardial infarction. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2004;36:597-601 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, serum biomarker results indicate that type I collagen degradation occurs within minutes after MI and that DOX likely reduces its degradation. ..
  6. Villarreal F, Epperson S, Ramirez Sanchez I, Yamazaki K, Brunton L. Regulation of cardiac fibroblast collagen synthesis by adenosine: roles for Epac and PI3K. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2009;296:C1178-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus it appears that ADO activates the A(2)R-G(s)-adenylyl cyclase pathway and that the resultant cAMP reduces collagen synthesis via a PKA-independent, Epac-dependent pathway that feeds through PI3K. ..
  7. Ramírez Sánchez I, Rodríguez A, Moreno Ulloa A, Ceballos G, Villarreal F. (-)-Epicatechin-induced recovery of mitochondria from simulated diabetes: Potential role of endothelial nitric oxide synthase. Diab Vasc Dis Res. 2016;13:201-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Epicatechin also counteracts the negative effects that high glucose or simulated type 2 diabetes has on endothelial nitric oxide synthase function...
  8. Beltrán Partida E, Moreno Ulloa A, Valdez Salas B, Velasquillo C, Carrillo M, Escamilla A, et al. Improved Osteoblast and Chondrocyte Adhesion and Viability by Surface-Modified Ti6Al4V Alloy with Anodized TiO? Nanotubes Using a Super-Oxidative Solution. Materials (Basel). 2015;8:867-883 pubmed publisher
    ..The results warrant further investigation for its use as medical implant materials. ..