Affiliation: University of Vermont
Country: USA


  1. Yano J, Valentine M, Van Houten J. Novel Insights into the Development and Function of Cilia Using the Advantages of the Paramecium Cell and Its Many Cilia. Cells. 2015;4:297-314 pubmed publisher
    ..We build a case for the important insights and advantages that this model organism continues to bring to the study of cilia. ..
  2. Kleene S, Van Houten J. Electrical Signaling in Motile and Primary Cilia. Bioscience. 2014;64:1092-1102 pubmed
    ..These changes, in turn, affect motility and signaling pathways in the cilia and cell body to carry on the signal transduction. We review here the activities of ion channels in cilia from protists to vertebrates. ..
  3. Valentine M, Van Houten J. Methods for Studying Ciliary-Mediated Chemoresponse in Paramecium. Methods Mol Biol. 2016;1454:149-68 pubmed publisher
    ..These methods are applied to wild type cells, mutants, transformed cells that express tagged proteins, and cells depleted of gene products by RNA Interference (RNAi). ..