Grzegorz Sowa


Affiliation: University of Missouri
Country: USA


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    Sowa G, Xie L, Xu L, Sessa W. Serine 23 and 36 phosphorylation of caveolin-2 is differentially regulated by targeting to lipid raft/caveolae and in mitotic endothelial cells. Biochemistry. 2008;47:101-11 pubmed
    ..The latter data suggests a possible involvement of serine 36-phosphorylated caveolin-2 in modulating mitosis. ..
  2. Liu Y, Jang S, Xie L, Sowa G. Host deficiency in caveolin-2 inhibits lung carcinoma tumor growth by impairing tumor angiogenesis. Cancer Res. 2014;74:6452-62 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, host-expressed Cav-2 may promote tumor growth via supporting tumor-induced angiogenesis. Thus, Cav-2 expressed in tumor microenvironment may potentially become a novel target for cancer therapy. ..