Affiliation: University of Wisconsin
Country: USA


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    Sobkowicz H, Slapnick S, Nitecka L, August B. Tunnel crossing fibers and their synaptic connections within the inner hair cell region in the organ of corti in the maturing mouse. Anat Embryol (Berl). 1998;198:353-70 pubmed
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    Sobkowicz H, Slapnick S, August B. Differentiation of spinous synapses in the mouse organ of corti. Synapse. 2002;45:10-24 pubmed
    ..We propose that spinous synapses provide the morphological substrate for local processing of initial auditory signals within the cochlea. ..
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    Sobkowicz H, August B, Slapnick S. Influence of neurotrophins on the synaptogenesis of inner hair cells in the deaf Bronx waltzer (bv) mouse organ of Corti in culture. Int J Dev Neurosci. 2002;20:537-54 pubmed
    ..The presence of neurotrophins in supporting cells in the normal and degenerating cochlea indicates their role in the sustenance of inner hair cells. ..
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    Sobkowicz H, Inagaki M, August B, Slapnick S. Abortive synaptogenesis as a factor in the inner hair cell degeneration in the Bronx Waltzer (bv) mutant mouse. J Neurocytol. 1999;28:17-38 pubmed