Monica K Silver


Affiliation: University of Michigan
Country: USA


  1. Silver M, Shao J, Li M, Ji C, Chen M, Xia Y, et al. Prenatal exposure to the herbicide 2,4-D is associated with deficits in auditory processing during infancy. Environ Res. 2019;172:486-494 pubmed publisher
    ..Prenatal exposure to the herbicide 2,4-D was associated with slower auditory signal transmission in early infancy. ABR latencies reflect auditory pathway maturation and longer latencies may indicate delayed auditory development. ..
  2. Silver M, Shao J, Chen M, Xia Y, Lozoff B, Meeker J. Distribution and Predictors of Pesticides in the Umbilical Cord Blood of Chinese Newborns. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2015;13: pubmed publisher
    ..Associations were more striking for overall pesticide exposure than for individual pesticides, highlighting the importance of considering exposure to mixtures of pesticides, rather than individual agents or classes. ..
  3. Sturza J, Silver M, Xu L, Li M, Mai X, Xia Y, et al. Prenatal exposure to multiple pesticides is associated with auditory brainstem response at 9months in a cohort study of Chinese infants. Environ Int. 2016;92-93:478-85 pubmed publisher
    ..Infants with lower cord blood ferritin appeared to be more sensitive to the effects of prenatal pesticide exposure on ABR latency delay, suggesting an additive or multiplicative effect. ..