Kimberly Siegmund


Affiliation: University of Southern California
Country: USA


  1. Tommasi S, Caliri A, Caceres A, Moreno D, Li M, Chen Y, et al. Deregulation of Biologically Significant Genes and Associated Molecular Pathways in the Oral Epithelium of Electronic Cigarette Users. Int J Mol Sci. 2019;20: pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings have significant implications for public health and tobacco regulatory science. ..
  2. Zhao J, Siegmund K, Shibata D, Marjoram P. Ancestral inference in tumors: how much can we know?. J Theor Biol. 2014;359:136-45 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally we apply our analysis to clinical data to gain insight into the dynamics of tumor formation. ..
  3. Wang X, Laird P, Hinoue T, Groshen S, Siegmund K. Non-specific filtering of beta-distributed data. BMC Bioinformatics. 2014;15:199 pubmed publisher
    ..Since cluster analysis is for discovery, we would suggest trying both filters on any new data sets, evaluating the overlap of features selected and clusters discovered. ..
  4. Liu J, Siegmund K. An evaluation of processing methods for HumanMethylation450 BeadChip data. BMC Genomics. 2016;17:469 pubmed publisher
    ..The effect of the data processing method, in any given data set, was a function of both the signal and noise. ..