Hannele Ruohola-Baker


Affiliation: University of Washington
Country: USA


  1. Ieronimakis N, Pantoja M, Hays A, Dosey T, Qi J, Fischer K, et al. Increased sphingosine-1-phosphate improves muscle regeneration in acutely injured mdx mice. Skelet Muscle. 2013;3:20 pubmed publisher
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  3. Jordan K, Schaeffer V, Fischer K, Gray E, Ruohola Baker H. Notch signaling through tramtrack bypasses the mitosis promoting activity of the JNK pathway in the mitotic-to-endocycle transition of Drosophila follicle cells. BMC Dev Biol. 2006;6:16 pubmed
    ..This work reveals new insights into the regulation of Notch-dependent mitotic-to-endocycle switch. ..
  4. Mathieu J, Ruohola Baker H. Metabolic remodeling during the loss and acquisition of pluripotency. Development. 2017;144:541-551 pubmed publisher