M R Riley


Affiliation: University of Arizona
Country: USA


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    Riley M, Boesewetter D, Kim A, Sirvent F. Effects of metals Cu, Fe, Ni, V, and Zn on rat lung epithelial cells. Toxicology. 2003;190:171-84 pubmed
    ..Interactions were observed for exposures containing multiple metals: Zn+V, Zn+Cu, Zn+Fe, and Zn+Ni. Zn appears to diminish the negative impact of V and Cu; has an additive effect with Ni, and has no substantial effect on Fe toxicity. ..
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    Riley M, Lucas P, Le Coq D, Juncker C, Boesewetter D, Collier J, et al. Lung cell fiber evanescent wave spectroscopic biosensing of inhalation health hazards. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2006;95:599-612 pubmed