Research Topics

Pavel A Pevzner


Affiliation: University of California
Country: USA


  1. Mohimani H, Pevzner P. Dereplication, sequencing and identification of peptidic natural products: from genome mining to peptidogenomics to spectral networks. Nat Prod Rep. 2016;33:73-86 pubmed publisher
    ..We further describe the connections between these advances and the new generation of software tools for PNP dereplication, de novo sequencing, and identification. ..
  2. Kolmogorov M, Yuan J, Lin Y, Pevzner P. Assembly of long, error-prone reads using repeat graphs. Nat Biotechnol. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Flye nearly doubled the contiguity of the human genome assembly (as measured by the NGA50 assembly quality metric) compared with existing assemblers. ..
  3. Lin Y, Yuan J, Kolmogorov M, Shen M, Chaisson M, Pevzner P. Assembly of long error-prone reads using de Bruijn graphs. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:E8396-E8405 pubmed publisher
    ..We show how to generalize de Bruijn graphs for assembling long error-prone reads and describe the ABruijn assembler, which combines the de Bruijn graph and the OLC approaches and results in accurate genome reconstructions. ..
  4. Gurevich A, Mikheenko A, Shlemov A, Korobeynikov A, Mohimani H, Pevzner P. Increased diversity of peptidic natural products revealed by modification-tolerant database search of mass spectra. Nat Microbiol. 2018;3:319-327 pubmed publisher
    ..The enormous diversity of PNPs suggests that biosynthetic gene clusters in various microorganisms constantly evolve to generate a unique spectrum of PNP variants that differ from PNPs in other species. ..
  5. Lin Y, Nurk S, Pevzner P. What is the difference between the breakpoint graph and the de Bruijn graph?. BMC Genomics. 2014;15 Suppl 6:S6 pubmed publisher
    ..The explicit description of the connection between these important data structures provides a bridge between two previously separated bioinformatics communities studying genome rearrangements and genome assembly. ..