Genomes and Genes


Orhan K Oz


Affiliation: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Country: USA


  1. Pujol J, Heikkila E, Savoia C, Hajibeigi A, De Marchi U, Battiprolu P, et al. Isx9 Regulates Calbindin D28K Expression in Pancreatic ? Cells and Promotes ? Cell Survival and Function. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, Isx9 significantly regulates expression of genes relevant to ? cell survival and function, and may be an attractive therapy to treat diabetes and improve islet function post-transplantation. ..
  2. Zhang F, Hao G, Shao M, Nham K, An Y, Wang Q, et al. An Adipose Tissue Atlas: An Image-Guided Identification of Human-like BAT and Beige Depots in Rodents. Cell Metab. 2018;27:252-262.e3 pubmed publisher
  3. Oz O, Hajibeigi A, Howard K, Cummins C, Van Abel M, Bindels R, et al. Aromatase deficiency causes altered expression of molecules critical for calcium reabsorption in the kidneys of female mice *. J Bone Miner Res. 2007;22:1893-902 pubmed
    ..These data provide potential mechanisms for regulation of renal calcium handling in response to changes in serum estrogen levels. ..