Affiliation: University of Utah
Country: USA


  1. Nelson J, Förster D, Frizzell K, Luschnig S, Metzstein M. Multiple Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Processes Require Smg5 in Drosophila. Genetics. 2018;209:1073-1084 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that not all NMD complex components are required for NMD function at all times, but instead are utilized in a context-dependent manner in vivo. ..
  2. Jones T, Nikolova L, Schjelderup A, Metzstein M. Exocyst-mediated membrane trafficking is required for branch outgrowth in Drosophila tracheal terminal cells. Dev Biol. 2014;390:41-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results suggest a model where exocyst mediated vesicle trafficking facilitates branch outgrowth, while de novo branching requires cooperation between the PAR and exocyst complexes. ..
  3. Nikolova L, Metzstein M. Intracellular lumen formation in Drosophila proceeds via a novel subcellular compartment. Development. 2015;142:3964-73 pubmed publisher
    ..In general, our ultrastructural analysis methods could be useful for a wide range of cellular investigations in Drosophila larvae. ..
  4. Nelson J, Metzstein M. Reactivation Assay to Identify Direct Targets of the Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Pathway in Drosophila. Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1720:205-211 pubmed publisher
    ..This technique could potentially be modified to identify direct targets of other mRNA decay mechanisms in Drosophila or other organisms. ..