Douglas B Menke


Affiliation: University of Georgia
Country: USA


  1. Infante C, Mihala A, Park S, Wang J, Johnson K, Lauderdale J, et al. Shared Enhancer Activity in the Limbs and Phallus and Functional Divergence of a Limb-Genital cis-Regulatory Element in Snakes. Dev Cell. 2015;35:107-19 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings identify roles for Tbx4 in genital development and highlight deep similarities in cis-regulatory activity between limbs and genitalia. ..
  2. Wang J, Infante C, Park S, Menke D. PITX1 promotes chondrogenesis and myogenesis in mouse hindlimbs through conserved regulatory targets. Dev Biol. 2018;434:186-195 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that PITX1 promotes chondrogenesis and myogenesis in the hindlimb by direct regulation of several key members of the cartilage and muscle transcriptional networks. ..
  3. Turcatel G, Rubin N, Menke D, Martin G, Shi W, Warburton D. Lung mesenchymal expression of Sox9 plays a critical role in tracheal development. BMC Biol. 2013;11:117 pubmed publisher
    ..Sox9 is expressed in both distal lung epithelium and proximal lung mesenchyme. Here, we investigated the effect of lung mesenchyme-specific inducible deletion of Sox9 during murine lung development...
  4. Zhang W, Menke D, Jiang M, Chen H, Warburton D, Turcatel G, et al. Spatial-temporal targeting of lung-specific mesenchyme by a Tbx4 enhancer. BMC Biol. 2013;11:111 pubmed publisher