Research Topics

Douglas J Lynch


Affiliation: University of Illinois at Chicago
Country: USA


  1. Lynch D, McInerney F, Kouwenberg L, Gonzalez Meler M. Plasticity in bundle sheath extensions of heterobaric leaves. Am J Bot. 2012;99:1197-206 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we quantify plasticity in the spacing of BSEs over irradiance and precipitation gradients. Because physiological function(s) of BSEs remain uncertain, we additionally explored a link between BSEs and water use efficiency (WUE)...
  2. Lynch D, Matamala R, Iversen C, Norby R, Gonzalez Meler M. Stored carbon partly fuels fine-root respiration but is not used for production of new fine roots. New Phytol. 2013;199:420-30 pubmed publisher
    ..37 yr(-1) turnover times) doubles the fine-root contribution to forest NPP (9-13%) and supports the 50% root-to-soil transfer rate often used in models...