John D Lambris


Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania
Country: USA


  1. Papanastasiou M, Koutsogiannaki S, Sarigiannis Y, Geisbrecht B, Ricklin D, Lambris J. Structural Implications for the Formation and Function of the Complement Effector Protein iC3b. J Immunol. 2017;198:3326-3335 pubmed publisher
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    ..These findings also suggest a previously underappreciated role for complement in wound healing, and may have therapeutic implications for conditions of delayed wound healing. ..
  4. Sfyroera G, Ricklin D, Reis E, Chen H, Wu E, Kaznessis Y, et al. Rare loss-of-function mutation in complement component C3 provides insight into molecular and pathophysiological determinants of complement activity. J Immunol. 2015;194:3305-16 pubmed publisher
  5. Reis E, Mastellos D, Yancopoulou D, Risitano A, Ricklin D, Lambris J. Applying complement therapeutics to rare diseases. Clin Immunol. 2015;161:225-40 pubmed publisher
    ..This review provides an overview of the candidates currently in the pharmaceutical pipeline with potential to treat orphan diseases and discusses the molecular mechanisms triggered by complement involved with the disease pathogenesis. ..
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    ..Translational perspectives and considerations are discussed, particularly with regard to the structure-guided drug optimization and clinical advancement of a new generation of C3-targeted peptidic inhibitors. ..

More Information


  1. Mastellos D, Reis E, Ricklin D, Smith R, Lambris J. Complement C3-Targeted Therapy: Replacing Long-Held Assertions with Evidence-Based Discovery. Trends Immunol. 2017;38:383-394 pubmed publisher
    ..Using C3G as a paradigm, we argue that concerns about the feasibility of long-term C3 intervention need to be placed into perspective and weighed against actual therapeutic outcomes in prospective clinical trials. ..
  2. Grajales Esquivel E, Luz Madrigal A, Bierly J, Haynes T, Reis E, Han Z, et al. Complement component C3aR constitutes a novel regulator for chick eye morphogenesis. Dev Biol. 2017;428:88-100 pubmed publisher
    ..Together our results show that C3aR is necessary for the proper morphogenesis of the OC. This is the first report implicating C3aR in eye development, revealing an unsuspected hitherto regulator for proper chick eye morphogenesis. ..