Research Topics


R D Kenagy


Affiliation: University of Washington
Country: USA


  1. Kikuchi S, Kenagy R, Gao L, Wight T, Azuma N, Sobel M, et al. Surgical marking pen dye inhibits saphenous vein cell proliferation and migration in saphenous vein graft tissue. J Vasc Surg. 2016;63:1044-50 pubmed publisher
    ..1 and 1.2 μg/mL, whereas the EC50 for death was between 1 and 10 μg/mL. Crystal violet inhibits venous cell migration and proliferation, indicating that alternative methods should be considered for marking vein grafts. ..
  2. Kenagy R, Kikuchi S, Chen L, Wijelath E, Stergachis A, Stamatoyannopoulos J, et al. A single nucleotide polymorphism of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (p27Kip1) associated with human vein graft failure affects growth of human venous adventitial cells but not smooth muscle cells. J Vasc Surg. 2018;67:309-317.e7 pubmed publisher
    ..These data point to a potential role for adventitial cells in human vein graft failure and also suggest that SMCs express factors that interfere with the activity of p27. ..
  3. Kenagy R, Plaas A, Wight T. Versican degradation and vascular disease. Trends Cardiovasc Med. 2006;16:209-15 pubmed
  4. Kenagy R, Min S, Clowes A, Sandy J. Cell death-associated ADAMTS4 and versican degradation in vascular tissue. J Histochem Cytochem. 2009;57:889-97 pubmed publisher
  5. Kenagy R, Civelek M, Kikuchi S, Chen L, Grieff A, Sobel M, et al. Scavenger receptor class A member 5 (SCARA5) and suprabasin (SBSN) are hub genes of coexpression network modules associated with peripheral vein graft patency. J Vasc Surg. 2016;64:202-209.e6 pubmed publisher
  6. Kikuchi S, Chen L, Xiong K, Saito Y, Azuma N, Tang G, et al. Smooth muscle cells of human veins show an increased response to injury at valve sites. J Vasc Surg. 2018;67:1556-1570.e9 pubmed publisher
    ..One of these genes, SEMA3A, mediates a valve-specific inhibitory effect on the injury response of valve SMCs. ..