Temitope O Keku


Affiliation: University of North Carolina
Country: USA


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    Keku T, Millikan R, Worley K, Winkel S, Eaton A, Biscocho L, et al. 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase codon 677 and 1298 polymorphisms and colon cancer in African Americans and whites. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2002;11:1611-21 pubmed
  2. Keku T, Dulal S, Deveaux A, Jovov B, Han X. The gastrointestinal microbiota and colorectal cancer. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2015;308:G351-63 pubmed publisher
    ..This review provides an overview on the role of commensal gut microbiota in the development of human CRC and explores its association with diet and inflammation. ..
  3. Vidal A, Lund P, Hoyo C, Galanko J, Burcal L, Holston R, et al. Elevated C-peptide and insulin predict increased risk of colorectal adenomas in normal mucosa. BMC Cancer. 2012;12:389 pubmed publisher
    ..This study suggests that hyperinsulinemia and IGF hormones predict adenoma risk, and that outcomes associated with colorectal carcinogenesis maybe modified by gender. ..
  4. Keku T, Sandler R, Simmons J, Galanko J, Woosley J, Proffitt M, et al. Local IGFBP-3 mRNA expression, apoptosis and risk of colorectal adenomas. BMC Cancer. 2008;8:143 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that local IGFBP-3 in the colon may directly increase adenoma risk but IGFBP-3 may act through a pathway other than apoptosis to influence adenoma risk. ..
  5. Keku T, Vidal A, Oliver S, Hoyo C, Hall I, Omofoye O, et al. Genetic variants in IGF-I, IGF-II, IGFBP-3, and adiponectin genes and colon cancer risk in African Americans and Whites. Cancer Causes Control. 2012;23:1127-38 pubmed publisher
    ..05). These results support an association between insulin pathway-related genes and elevated colon cancer risk in Whites but not in African Americans. ..
  6. Steck S, Butler L, Keku T, Antwi S, Galanko J, Sandler R, et al. Nucleotide excision repair gene polymorphisms, meat intake and colon cancer risk. Mutat Res. 2014;762:24-31 pubmed publisher
    ..05). Our data suggest that NER nsSNPs are associated with colon cancer risk and may modify the association between well-done red meat intake and colon cancer risk. ..