K A Illig


Affiliation: University of Rochester
Country: USA


  1. Illig K, Rhodes J, Sternbach Y, Shortell C, Davies M, Green R. Reduction in wound morbidity rates following endoscopic saphenous vein harvest. Ann Vasc Surg. 2001;15:104-9 pubmed
    ..Endoscopic saphenous vein harvest is associated with a reduced incidence of serious wound complications and, in selected patients, shortened postoperative hospital stay. ..
  2. Illig K, Levy M, Sanchez L, Trachiotis G, Shanley C, Irwin E, et al. An implantable carotid sinus stimulator for drug-resistant hypertension: surgical technique and short-term outcome from the multicenter phase II Rheos feasibility trial. J Vasc Surg. 2006;44:1213-1218 pubmed
    ..The phase II Rheos Feasibility Trial was performed to assess the response of patients with multidrug-resistant hypertension to such stimulation...