Eric W Howard


Affiliation: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Country: USA


  1. Howard E, Been L, Lerner M, Brackett D, Lightfoot S, Bullen E, et al. Carriers of a novel frame-shift insertion in WNT16a possess elevated pancreatic expression of TCF7L2. BMC Genet. 2013;14:28 pubmed publisher
    ..However, further studies would be needed to mechanistically link the two definitively. ..
  2. Howard E, Crider B, Updike D, Bullen E, Parks E, Haaksma C, et al. MMP-2 expression by fibroblasts is suppressed by the myofibroblast phenotype. Exp Cell Res. 2012;318:1542-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results indicate that, while MMP-2 expression is suppressed by F-actin formation, its up-regulation is not simply a consequence of contractile protein down-regulation. ..