Affiliation: University of Texas
Country: USA


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    ..This analysis reveals how "serological imprinting" impacts responses to influenza and suggests that once elicited, cross-reactive antibodies targeting the HA stem can persist for years. ..
  2. Johnson E, Doria Rose N, Gorman J, Bhiman J, Schramm C, Vu A, et al. Sequencing HIV-neutralizing antibody exons and introns reveals detailed aspects of lineage maturation. Nat Commun. 2018;9:4136 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results thus underscore the utility of analyzing exons and introns simultaneously for studying antibody maturation and repertoire selection. ..
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    ..In parallel, protein design and directed evolution approaches are beginning to be exploited for engineering of the cellular protein folding machinery to achieve further improvements in protein expression. ..
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    ..The multitude of IgGA effector functions could be important for therapeutic purposes and highlights the concept of engineering antibodies that combine effector functions from multiple antibody isotypes. ..
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    ..Additionally, these technologies also hold great promise for therapeutic antibody and biomarker discovery in a variety of settings. ..
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    ..The data reported here address several longstanding questions regarding antibody repertoire selection and development and provide a benchmark for future repertoire-scale analyses of antibody responses to vaccination and disease. ..