Betty A Eipper


Affiliation: University of Connecticut Health Center
Country: USA


  1. Kumar D, Blaby Haas C, Merchant S, Mains R, King S, Eipper B. Early eukaryotic origins for cilia-associated bioactive peptide-amidating activity. J Cell Sci. 2016;129:943-56 pubmed publisher
  2. Luxmi R, Blaby Haas C, Kumar D, Rauniyar N, King S, Mains R, et al. Proteases Shape the Chlamydomonas Secretome: Comparison to Classical Neuropeptide Processing Machinery. Proteomes. 2018;6: pubmed publisher
    ..i>reinhardtii. ..
  3. Kumar D, Thomason R, Yankova M, Gitlin J, Mains R, Eipper B, et al. Microvillar and ciliary defects in zebrafish lacking an actin-binding bioactive peptide amidating enzyme. Sci Rep. 2018;8:4547 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results point to a critical role for PAM in organizing the actin cytoskeleton during development, which could in turn impact both microvillus formation and ciliogenesis. ..
  4. Miller M, Vishwanatha K, Mains R, Eipper B. An N-terminal Amphipathic Helix Binds Phosphoinositides and Enhances Kalirin Sec14 Domain-mediated Membrane Interactions. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:13541-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Through its ability to control expression of a novel, phosphoinositide-binding amphipathic helix, Kalrn promoter usage is expected to affect function. ..
  5. Carlson K, Pomerantz S, Li J, Vafa O, Naso M, Strohl W, et al. Secretion of Fc-amidated peptide fusion proteins by Chinese hamster ovary cells. BMC Biotechnol. 2015;15:61 pubmed publisher
    ..The Fc-PYY fusions were 100-fold less active than PYY-NH2 but 10-fold more active than non-amidated PYY-Gly. This type of approach can be used for the production of stabilized α-amidated peptides aimed at clinical trials. ..
  6. Vishwanatha K, Bäck N, Lam T, Mains R, Eipper B. O-Glycosylation of a Secretory Granule Membrane Enzyme Is Essential for Its Endocytic Trafficking. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:9835-50 pubmed publisher
    ..By promoting the formation of high molecular weight complexes, O-glycans may facilitate the recycling of PAM-1 through the endocytic compartment. ..
  7. Gaier E, Kleppinger A, Ralle M, Covault J, Mains R, Kenny A, et al. Genetic determinants of amidating enzyme activity and its relationship with metal cofactors in human serum. BMC Endocr Disord. 2014;14:58 pubmed publisher
    ..Common non-coding polymorphisms affect serum amidating activity and Cu levels. Serum amidating activity should be explored as a biomarker for functionality in the elderly and in additional study groups. ..
  8. Carlson K, Pomerantz S, Vafa O, Naso M, Strohl W, Mains R, et al. Optimizing production of Fc-amidated peptides by Chinese hamster ovary cells. BMC Biotechnol. 2015;15:95 pubmed publisher
    ..Peptide amidation was increased over endogenous levels by exogenous PAM, and targeting PAM to the endoplasmic reticulum or trans-Golgi network increased peptide amidation compared to endogenous CHO PAM. ..
  9. Koo T, Eipper B, Donaldson J. Arf6 recruits the Rac GEF Kalirin to the plasma membrane facilitating Rac activation. BMC Cell Biol. 2007;8:29 pubmed
    ..Although Kalirin is recruited onto membranes by Arf6-GDP, subsequent Rac activation and membrane ruffling requires Arf6 activation. From these results, we suggest that Arf6 can regulate through its GTPase cycle the activation of Rac. ..

More Information


  1. Bonnemaison M, Bäck N, Duffy M, Ralle M, Mains R, Eipper B. Adaptor Protein-1 Complex Affects the Endocytic Trafficking and Function of Peptidylglycine α-Amidating Monooxygenase, a Luminal Cuproenzyme. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:21264-79 pubmed publisher
    ..Altered luminal cuproenzyme function may contribute to deficits observed when the AP-1 function is compromised. ..
  2. Bonnemaison M, Duffy M, Mains R, Vogt S, Eipper B, Ralle M. Copper, zinc and calcium: imaging and quantification in anterior pituitary secretory granules. Metallomics. 2016;8:1012-22 pubmed publisher
    ..If Atp7a transfers copper directly to PAM, this pH-dependent process is likely to occur in Golgi and endosomes. ..