Dongsheng Duan


Affiliation: University of Missouri
Country: USA


  1. Zhao J, Kodippili K, Yue Y, Hakim C, Wasala L, Pan X, et al. Dystrophin contains multiple independent membrane-binding domains. Hum Mol Genet. 2016;25:3647-3653 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results not only shed critical light on dystrophin biology and DMD pathogenesis, but also provide a foundation for rationally engineering minimized dystrophins for DMD gene therapy. ..
  2. Patel A, Zhao J, Yue Y, Zhang K, Duan D, Lai Y. Dystrophin R16/17-syntrophin PDZ fusion protein restores sarcolemmal nNOSĪ¼. Skelet Muscle. 2018;8:36 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, nNOS restoration was independent of the dystrophin-associated protein complex. Our results suggest that the R16/17-Syn PDZ fusion construct is sufficient to restore sarcolemmal nNOSĪ¼ in the dystrophin-null muscle. ..
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    Duan D. Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene therapy in the canine model. Hum Gene Ther Clin Dev. 2015;: pubmed
    ..This review discusses the history, current status and future directions of the DMD gene therapy in the canine model. ..
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    Duan D. Dystrophin gene replacement and gene repair therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2016. Hum Gene Ther Clin Dev. 2016;: pubmed
    ..In light of rapid progress in this field, the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) recently interviewed me on the current status of DMD gene therapy. Here I summarized the interview with PPMD. ..