Wen Ming Chu


Affiliation: University of Hawaii
Country: USA


  1. Li Z, Sun B, Gong T, Guo S, Zhang J, Wang J, et al. GNAI1 and GNAI3 Reduce Colitis-Associated Tumorigenesis in Mice by Blocking IL6 Signaling and Downregulating Expression of GNAI2. Gastroenterology. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Strategies to induce GNAI1;3, or block GNAI2 and IL6, might be developed for prevention or therapy of CAC in patients. ..
  2. Chu W. Tumor necrosis factor. Cancer Lett. 2013;328:222-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding new findings and emerging concepts will impact future research on the molecular mechanisms of TNF signaling in immune disorders and cancer-related inflammation. ..