Grace Y Chen


Affiliation: University of Michigan
Country: USA


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    ..The sterile inflammation that ensues either resolves the initial insult or leads to disease. Here, we review the triggers and receptor pathways that result in sterile inflammation and its impact on human health. ..
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    ..Collectively, these results suggest a previously unappreciated role for the innate immune receptor Nod1 in suppressing colitis-associated tumorigenesis through a T cell-mediated mechanism. ..
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    ..A better understanding of the function of inflammasomes in microbiome regulation may lead to the development of effective strategies for the prevention and treatment of diseases driven by dysbiosis. ..
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    ..This study highlights the importance of NLR function in maintaining intestinal homeostasis to prevent the development of aberrant inflammation and tumor development within the colon. ..
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    ..Our results demonstrate that A. muciniphila can act as a pathobiont to promote colitis in a genetically susceptible host and that NLRP6 is a key regulator of its abundance. ..