Y Chai


Affiliation: University of Southern California
Country: USA


  1. Yuan Y, Chai Y. Regulatory mechanisms of jaw bone and tooth development. Curr Top Dev Biol. 2019;133:91-118 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we discuss the potential for stem cell mediated regenerative therapies to mitigate disorders and injuries that affect these organs. ..
  2. Li J, Yuan Y, He J, Feng J, Han X, Jing J, et al. Constitutive activation of hedgehog signaling adversely affects epithelial cell fate during palatal fusion. Dev Biol. 2018;441:191-203 pubmed publisher
  3. Zhong Z, Zhao H, Mayo J, Chai Y. Different requirements for Wnt signaling in tongue myogenic subpopulations. J Dent Res. 2015;94:421-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our results demonstrate that canonical Wnt signaling differentially regulates the Myf5- and MyoD-expressing subpopulations during tongue myogenesis. ..
  4. Ho T, Iwata J, Ho H, Grimes W, Park S, Sanchez Lara P, et al. Integration of comprehensive 3D microCT and signaling analysis reveals differential regulatory mechanisms of craniofacial bone development. Dev Biol. 2015;400:180-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data will serve as an important resource for developmental biologists who are interested in craniofacial morphogenesis. ..
  5. Li J, Feng J, Liu Y, Ho T, Grimes W, Ho H, et al. BMP-SHH signaling network controls epithelial stem cell fate via regulation of its niche in the developing tooth. Dev Cell. 2015;33:125-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our study highlights the importance of crosstalk between two signaling pathways, BMP and SHH, in regulating the fate of epithelial stem cells during organogenesis. ..
  6. Parada C, Chai Y. Mandible and Tongue Development. Curr Top Dev Biol. 2015;115:31-58 pubmed publisher
    ..We also discuss their mechanical relationship and evolution as well as the potential for stem cell-based therapies for disorders affecting these organs. ..
  7. Feng J, Jing J, Sanchez Lara P, Bootwalla M, Buckley J, Wu N, et al. Generation and characterization of tamoxifen-inducible Pax9-CreER knock-in mice using CrispR/Cas9. Genesis. 2016;54:490-6 pubmed publisher
  8. request reprint
    Chai Y, Maxson R. Recent advances in craniofacial morphogenesis. Dev Dyn. 2006;235:2353-75 pubmed
    ..Together, these findings will be beneficial for the understanding, treatment, and prevention of human congenital malformations and establish the foundation for craniofacial tissue regeneration...
  9. Zhao H, Feng J, Seidel K, Shi S, Klein O, Sharpe P, et al. Secretion of shh by a neurovascular bundle niche supports mesenchymal stem cell homeostasis in the adult mouse incisor. Cell Stem Cell. 2014;14:160-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Likewise, incisor Gli1(+) cells, but not NG2(+) cells, exhibit typical MSC characteristics in vitro. Collectively, we demonstrate that MSCs originate from periarterial cells and are regulated by Shh secretion from an NVB. ..

More Information


  1. Han A, Zhao H, Li J, Pelikan R, Chai Y. ALK5-mediated transforming growth factor ? signaling in neural crest cells controls craniofacial muscle development via tissue-tissue interactions. Mol Cell Biol. 2014;34:3120-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our results indicate that CNCCs play critical roles in controlling craniofacial myogenic proliferation and differentiation through tissue-tissue interactions. ..
  2. Parada C, Han D, Grimaldi A, Sarrión P, Park S, Pelikan R, et al. Disruption of the ERK/MAPK pathway in neural crest cells as a potential cause of Pierre Robin sequence. Development. 2015;142:3734-45 pubmed publisher
    ..Because the ERK pathway serves as a crucial point of convergence for multiple signaling pathways, our study will facilitate a better understanding of the molecular regulatory mechanisms of craniofacial development. ..
  3. Brinkley J, Fisher S, Harris M, Holmes G, Hooper J, Jabs E, et al. The FaceBase Consortium: a comprehensive resource for craniofacial researchers. Development. 2016;143:2677-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we highlight the focus of each spoke project and the integration of datasets contributed by the spokes to facilitate craniofacial research. ..
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  6. Liu Y, Feng J, Li J, Zhao H, Ho T, Chai Y. An Nfic-hedgehog signaling cascade regulates tooth root development. Development. 2015;142:3374-82 pubmed publisher
    ..This discovery provides insight into the molecular mechanisms regulating tooth root development. ..
  7. Li J, Parada C, Chai Y. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of tooth root development. Development. 2017;144:374-384 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we discuss the possible role of stem cells in establishing the crown-to-root transition, and provide an overview of root malformations and diseases in humans. ..