Brian Button


Affiliation: University of North Carolina
Country: USA


  1. Button B, Picher M, Boucher R. Differential effects of cyclic and constant stress on ATP release and mucociliary transport by human airway epithelia. J Physiol. 2007;580:577-92 pubmed
    ..The present data suggest that CCS may (1) regulate ASL volume in the normal lung and (2) improve clearance in the lungs of CF patients, potentially explaining the beneficial role of exercise in lung defence. ..
  2. Button B, Okada S, Frederick C, Thelin W, Boucher R. Mechanosensitive ATP release maintains proper mucus hydration of airways. Sci Signal. 2013;6:ra46 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding how airway epithelia can sense and respond to changes in mucus properties helps us to understand how the mucus clearance system protects the airways in health and how it fails in lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis. ..