Amy L Adamson


Affiliation: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Country: USA


  1. Adamson A, Chohan K, Swenson J, Lajeunesse D. A Drosophila model for genetic analysis of influenza viral/host interactions. Genetics. 2011;189:495-506 pubmed publisher
  2. Adamson A, Wright N, LaJeunesse D. Modeling early Epstein-Barr virus infection in Drosophila melanogaster: the BZLF1 protein. Genetics. 2005;171:1125-35 pubmed
    ..Our work clearly demonstrates that the Drosophila system is an appropriate and powerful tool for identifying the underlying genetic networks involved in human infectious disease. ..
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    Adamson A. Effects of SUMO-1 upon Epstein-Barr virus BZLF1 function and BMRF1 expression. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005;336:22-8 pubmed
    ..Therefore, SUMO-1 modification of proteins appears to have an important role in EBV lytic replication. ..