Affiliation: Tufts University
Country: USA


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    ..These results establish a new function for Isw1 in directly maintaining the chromatin structure at the CAG repeat, thereby limiting expansions that can occur during transcription-coupled excision repair. ..
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    ..An understanding of these events will provide insight into the generation of cancer, since deletions and rearrangements at human common fragile sites and associated tumor suppressor genes are an early event in tumorigenesis...
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    ..Here we have utilized a repetitive DNA sequence that induces endogenous DNA damage to identify histone modifications that regulate recombination efficiency and fidelity during postreplication gap repair. ..
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    ..Since disease-causing CAG repeats occur in transcribed regions, our results suggest that R-loop-mediated fragility is a mechanism that could cause DNA damage and repeat-length changes in human cells. ..
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    ..All three assays have been essential in understanding the genetic mechanisms that cause chromosome breaks and tract-length changes at unstable repeats. ..