Amanda Ewart Toland


Affiliation: The Ohio State University
Country: USA


  1. Willoughby A, Andreassen P, Toland A. Genetic Testing to Guide Risk-Stratified Screens for Breast Cancer. J Pers Med. 2019;9: pubmed publisher
    ..Given that variant classification is often challenging, we also consider the role of multifactorial statistical analyses by large consortia and functional tests for this purpose. ..
  2. Nagarajan P, Asgari M, Green A, Guhan S, Arron S, Proby C, et al. Keratinocyte Carcinomas: Current Concepts and Future Research Priorities. Clin Cancer Res. 2019;25:2379-2391 pubmed publisher
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    ..These associations are likely mediated via an effect on circulating hormone levels. ..
  4. Blein S, Bardel C, Danjean V, McGuffog L, Healey S, Barrowdale D, et al. An original phylogenetic approach identified mitochondrial haplogroup T1a1 as inversely associated with breast cancer risk in BRCA2 mutation carriers. Breast Cancer Res. 2015;17:61 pubmed publisher
    ..This study illustrates how original approaches such as the phylogeny-based method we used can empower classical molecular epidemiological studies aimed at identifying association or risk modification effects. ..
  5. Sturm A, Schmidlen T, Scheinfeldt L, Hovick S, McElroy J, Toland A, et al. Early Outcome Data Assessing Utility of a Post-Test Genomic Counseling Framework for the Scalable Delivery of Precision Health. J Pers Med. 2018;8: pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, a novel post-test genomic counseling framework allowed for a tailored approach to counseling based on the participants' predetermined choices. ..
  6. Silvestri V, Barrowdale D, Mulligan A, Neuhausen S, Fox S, Karlan B, et al. Male breast cancer in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers: pathology data from the Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2. Breast Cancer Res. 2016;18:15 pubmed publisher
    ..e., high histologic grade). These findings could lead to the development of gender-specific risk prediction models and guide clinical strategies appropriate for MBC management. ..
  7. Siekmann T, Gerber M, Toland A. Variants in an Hdac9 intronic enhancer plasmid impact Twist1 expression in vitro. Mamm Genome. 2016;27:99-110 pubmed publisher
  8. Toland A, Rozek L, Presswala S, Rennert G, Gruber S. PTPRJ haplotypes and colorectal cancer risk. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2008;17:2782-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Additional studies are warranted to study possible PTPRJ-interacting loci, which are observed with Scc1 in the mouse models for CRC susceptibility. ..